Deep Dish Pizza

I made my very first deep dish pizza the other night.

Deep Dish Pizza

I used my 12″ Lodge Cast Iron skillet and pre-made pizza dough.

Deep Dish Pizza

After I did that (see picture above) with my dough, I looked at Griffin’s Grub’s blog and saw that he specifically says not to do that.

Griffin: That’s it, don’t shape the dough, don’t knead it, don’t stretch it out. It will do that on its own.

Once again, I didn’t follow directions.

I used my fist to spread out the dough.

Deep Dish Pizza

I lightly brushed the crust with olive oil and 2 cloves of minced garlic before adding the cheese:

Deep Dish Pizza

I used a combination of Gruyère and Manchego.

The toppings are all up to you — add as much or as little of your favorite toppings.

I used pepperoni, kalamata olives, and sauteed onions and shiitake mushrooms:

Deep Dish Pizza

If you are using a red sauce, now is the time to add it. I had every intention of adding a red sauce, but I came home from the store without the necessary ingredients.

It happens.

Last but not least, top it off with more cheese. I started with goat cheese:

Deep Dish Pizza

And then piled on some more Gruyère:

Deep Dish Pizza

Cook in a 425F oven (or grill) for about 30 minutes.

Deep Dish Pizza

The crust was golden brown:

Deep Dish Pizza

And the inside was deliciously gooey.

Deep Dish Pizza

Like I said, this was my first attempt and although it wasn’t perfect, it was tasty and a great learning experience.

Deep Dish Pizza

Next time I’ll remember the sauce.


HERE is a link to Griffin’s Deep Dish Pizza and a recipe for the dough he makes.

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2 Responses to Deep Dish Pizza

  1. Chris says:

    Your absolute refusal or inability to follow directions qualifies you to be a husband ;) ha ha ha
    This looks great, first attempt or not. Nice job.
    I need to get Alexis to make one on her Egg, she makes a great Greek deep dish pizza.

  2. hahaha! :D
    Greek deep dish, yum! That might be next for me!

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