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Mango Spice Chicken Wings

These wings have at least 3 layers of flavor: a robust spice rub, a fruity glaze, and the smokiness from the Big Green Egg.

Tequila Chipotle Wings

These Tequila Chipotle Chicken Wings have the perfect combination of heat, sweet, smoke, and tang.

Vietnamese Chicken Wings

These Vietnamese Chicken Wings are salty, sticky and have a punch of Asian flavor I’m sure you’ll love.

Jalamango Lime Wings

Craig Dyal’s recipe for Jalamango Lime Wings is an amazing combination of heat, sweet, and tang.

Sweet & Spicy Sticky Wings

My take on Chef-owner Andy Ricker’s recipe for sweet and spicy sticky wings at Pok Pok in Portland.


My method for crispy chicken wings on the Big Green Egg. Add your sauce of choice.