Top of the World

We are home from our Seoul / Bangkok trip.

Actually, we got home last week but we’ve been catching-up with work.

And sleep.

I’m going to write about our trip in a couple of different posts.

Hopefully, I will have time to write a few times this week because I’m dying to tell you about it!

In the meantime, let’s all take a Monday Mental Escape.

This was taken on our Korean Air flight from Atlanta to Seoul:

North Pole

I’m not sure where exactly this was along the polar route, but it was somewhere at the top of the arch on this flight map, east of the International Date Line:

Flight Map

So, the North Pole is what I’m calling it. But I’ve been wrong many times before.

I love looking out the window during a flight and seeing the world below:

North Pole

This is a cool wing-shot:

North Pole

But, this one with the moon and several shades of blue is my favorite:

North Pole & the Moon

On top of the world.

What a cool place to be!

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