Sassy Camembert

We all have those times when we need a quick snack.

You know, when you decide to have a last minute get-together, get invited to one, or have friends drop by out of the blue.

Oh heck! Who am I trying to kid?!

I need a quick go-to appetizers for gatherings I’ve known about for months because I procrastinate on the beach go to therapy.

This is incredibly delicious:

Sassy Camembert

But the best part about it is that it’s embarrassingly easy.

Grab a hunk of Camembert (or Brie) and this jar of Pomegranate & Mango Chipotle Sauce:

Sassy Camembert

I found it in my local grocery store near the marinades.

I originally bought it for the Pork Tenderloin I grilled the night before.

The back of the bottle suggests using it with cheese… wow, were they ever right!

All you do is throw the Camembert on a microwave safe dish and pour the sauce on top:

Sassy Camembert

Put them in the microwave for about a minute so that when you cut into it, the cheese oozes out:

Sassy Camembert

Serve with firm crackers or crostini. I used Mini Toasts by Ile de France:

Sassy Camembert

John and I snacked on this while we were were making dinner last night:

Sassy Camembert

And then I ate the rest for breakfast this morning.

Not kidding.

It’s that good.

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