Ruby Red Trout

As usual, I went to my local fish store with no idea of what to buy.

I checked out the Daily Specials and Fresh Catches on the dry erase board and Ruby Red Trout caught my eye.

Ruby Red Trout

It was another gorgeous sunny day so I decided to make something summer-like.

Something light and fresh tasting.

I bought Red Bartlett pears, an Asian pear, a Alphonso Mango, and a Solo Papaya:

Fruit Salsa

I sliced both types of pears:

Fruit Salsa

The mango was so ripe that slicing it was next to impossible.

It didn’t make the concoction pretty, but I knew it would make it delicious:

Fruit Salsa

I sliced the papaya:

Fruit Salsa

I also added two pinches of cayenne, a pinch of salt, and gently stirred everything together.

I tasted it and realized I forgot to add the mint:


The mint jazzed it up quite a bit:

Fruit Salsa

Look at the vibrant color of the Ruby Red Trout:


They get their color from feeding on microscopic freshwater shrimp, crabs and crayfish.

I heated the pan to medium high and added butter and olive oil:

Ruby Red Trout

Then I put the trout in the pan skin side down:

Ruby Red Trout

Like with most of the fresh seafood I cook, I seasoned it with just course kosher salt and black pepper.

Did I tell you about my new fish spatula yet?

Ruby Red Trout

It’s from Kuhn Rikon and I love it:

Fish Spatula

I adore practical gifts.

John is so good to me.

Time to flip:

Ruby Red Trout

Trout is very delicate. Even with my long fish spatula it was difficult to flip without it falling apart.

Of course, it would have helped had I used a larger pan.

Now I know.

Once the trout had a light golden crust on both sides I gently placed them on a big plate.

Then, I topped them with the fresh fruit mixture:

Ruby Red Trout

The fruit and the fish complimented each other so well.

It was light and fresh but far from boring.

It was an explosion of flavor and a perfect summertime meal.

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