Lamb Chops

Last week we had one of our crazy summer storms.

When the storm rolls in over the ocean it has a creepy-but-cool horror film look.


I decided to make Lamb Chops since they are quick and easy.

I marinated them in olive oil, chopped rosemary, chopped mint, minced garlic, salt and pepper.

Lamb Chops

If I would have had this thought sooner, I would have let these hangout together for several hours.

Next time.

Once the grill pan was super-duper hot I put on the chops.

Lamb Chops

If you need a grill pan, I recommend this one by Lodge.

After about 3 minutes you’ll have a nice sear — Flip.

Lamb Chops

Another 2 minutes or so and they can come off the pan and rest – the lamb will continue to cook.

Lamb Chops

You always want to let meat rest so that the juices can distribute evenly.

I served the lamb chops with roasted potatoes tossed with rosemary butter.

Lamb Chops

And a bottle of red wine.

Easy, quick, and delicious – perfect for a week night.

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