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On April 9, 2013 John and I met our friends for lunch in Singapore.

I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Michelle and Jeff went on a month-long cruise that took them to 8 different countries — I know, so stinking cool!

We looked at their itinerary and decided to meet them in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. That’s one way to see your friends . . .

Invade their vacation!

Michelle and Jeff spent a couple of days in Singapore, but John and I were there just long enough for a few hours of sleep and a three-hour Crab Feast at Kim’s Place Seafood.

Kim's Place Seafood

Singapore is known for their Chilli Crab and Kim’s Place is the place to go for it.

Kim's Place Seafood

The live crabs were brought from the tank to our table for inspection.

Kim's Place Seafood

So, we inspected them:

Kim's Place Seafood

Posed with them:

Kim's Place Seafood

Talked to them:

And loved on them.

Kim's Place Seafood

You see, my friend Michelle shares my love for crab so this was a day we had been looking forward to for a long, long time!

We started with three different kinds of crab: Chilli, Curry, and Ginger & Spring Onion.

Kim's Place Seafood

Kim's Place Seafood

After we suited-up:

Kim's Place Seafood

We went at it!

There is one rule when eating crab: If your hands are clean, you’re doing it wrong.

We all agreed that we needed one more, so we ordered Crab #4:

Kim's Place Seafood

This time we ordered Black Pepper Crab.

Kim's Place Seafood

All four crab dishes were amazing.

It was one of those meals you hope never ends.

Kim's Place Seafood

We live several states away from each other and so this time together was exactly what we all needed.

Delicious crab, hospitable and tolerant staff, effortless conversation, sidesplitting laughter, and an exceptional afternoon catching up face to face.

There’s nothing quite like breaking bread cracking crabs with friends!

Thank you, Kim’s Place Seafood.

We will be back!

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