BMW Welt – European Delivery 2015

In September 2015 we took delivery of our 5th car through the BMW European Delivery Program.

BMW Welt

For two weeks we explored Munich, Lake Starnberg, Lake Garda, Panzano in Chianti, Florence, and Venice.

European Delivery

Our adventure all started at BMW Welt in Munich, Germany.

European Delivery

Getting there is easy.

From the Munich airport, take the S-Bahn S8 train towards Marienplatz.

BMW Welt - European Delivery

Get off at Marienplatz and transfer to the U-Bahn U3 train and get off at Olympiazentrum. The trip takes about 50 minutes.

Go up the escalator and you’ll see the roofline of the Welt as you come up to ground level.

BMW European Delivery

After we checked-in at the Premium Lounge, we went to the cafe for a complimentary breakfast until our appointment time.

European Delivery

European Delivery

Why would you do that?

How on earth do you make all those arrangements?

Isn’t it really expensive?

These are the questions we get every time this topic comes up in conversation. The good news is the answers are easy.

European Delivery

Why? It’s an Adventure!

Meeting your new car for the first time at the BMW Welt is very cool.

European Delivery

The BMW staff will plan a full day of VIP factory tours and wining and dining you before introducing you to your car.

European Delivery

How? They do Everything.

To the customer, the process is nearly identical to placing an order for US delivery.

European Delivery

Insurance? Licensing in Europe? It’s all included in the program.

Dropping the car off when you’re ready to come home? Choose from 12 drop-off locations in major cities throughout Europe.

European Delivery

Transport to the port? Shipping to the US? Marine cargo insurance? US Customs duty and clearance? Transport to your local dealer?

ALL of this is included in the program!
The whole process is easy, well organized and, best of all, provided to you at no additional cost.

How much? It’s Cheaper!

European Delivery

Many of the European auto manufacturers have similar programs – Mercedes Benz, Audi, Porsche, Volvo. Over the years, these companies have found that this type of buying experience is a powerful marketing tool.

So it’s not just a different way to take delivery of your new car, for BMW in particular it is a powerful incentive program.

Using these incentives, we save about 15% off the sticker price of the car.

Combining European Delivery with leasing is even more dramatic, reducing the depreciation amount (the part of the car you actually pay for in a lease) over 3 years by nearly 37%!

So, why not?

European Delivery

Fun, easy and cheaper! What’s not to love? Make it a romantic getaway, or bring the kids and make it a family vacation.

The car, as fun as it is, is inconsequential in the end. It’s just more of the stuff we accumulate too much of.

But the experience? That’s everything.

European Delivery

The European Delivery Program is nearly identical to placing an order for US delivery.

The biggest difference is it’s a lot more fun!

European Delivery

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