Weekend Recap

We did a lot of projects around the house again this weekend but managed to carve out some time to cook at home.

Friday night I made French Onion Sandwiches.

French Onion Sandwich

You can read more about them HERE.

That sandwich is sinful.

On Saturday we assembled one of our favorite Christmas gifts — a Chimenea from my brother & his family.


One of the reasons we wanted to move from a condo into a house was so that we could have a backyard again.

I also wanted to grill without having to worry about that hefty fine they threaten us with.

Now, I’m free!

The Big Green Egg

Saturday Night I grilled Rib Eyes:



And Fingerling Potatoes.

RibEyes & Fingerlings

It was freezing here on Sunday so I stayed inside as much as possible.

Okay, so not freezing in the literal sense but freezing-enough for this Florida girl.

For an appetizer I made Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms.

Stuffed Mushrooms with Goat Cheese & Pancetta

They ended up being really good — so good that John was licking his plate.

You can read more about them HERE.

Dinner was simple — Roasted Royal Red Shrimp.

Roasted Royal Red Shrimp

You can read more about them HERE.

Roasted Royal Red Shrimp

Everything I cooked this weekend was easy and delicious. Just the way I like it.

Have a great week… stay warm and eat well!

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3 Responses to Weekend Recap

  1. Wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and let you know I have given you the Liebster Award. Check out my post today for more details. The ribeyes, shrimp and mushrooms look amazing. Glad you can get back to Egging. Keep up the good work.

  2. Chris says:

    Here via Griffin’s Grub. Great blog. Nice home you have for your Egg!

  3. Hi Chris! Thank you for stopping by and letting me know you were here. I just looked at your blog ~ I love it! I have you & Griffin’s Grub saved and I am ready to try some of your cooks.

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