Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg

When John and I combined what little we each owned into one home, my cute little charcoal grill got the heave-ho and his big silver “manly” gas grill got to stay. I’ll be honest, my charcoal grill was really ugly and extremely rusted, but so what! It was a functional charcoal grill and we all know THAT trumps a gas grill any day.

I mean, if you are going to use one of those you might as well just stay inside and cook.

Right? Right.

Bacon Cheddar Burgers

But, since relationships are all about compromise, I surrendered to him and his grill especially because I know a thing or two about salt air. And just as I suspected, that shiny grill of his rusted to shreds just like my cheap little weber look-alike did. That’s what happens when there is more salt in the air than oxygen.

Now, let me take you back to a few years when I went to a BBQ with a friend. It was one of those obligatory work functions that no one ever wants to go to, so you make a friend go with you so that you aren’t doing it alone. So, while all the ladies were chatting-it-up inside about shopping, I snuck outside to see what the guys were doing. They were all huddled around something I couldn’t see, but I heard them talking about BEEF and PORK and BURGERS and all kinds of things that piqued my interest.

Give me food over shopping any day.

I went in for a better look and there it was. The man of the house had just purchased himself a Big Green Egg. I don’t remember anything else about those people except that the husband was beating his chest with pride and was certain that this was the best investment of his life.

So needless to say, the man’s enthusiasm immediately came to mind when John and I started talking about buying a new grill back in 2003. I told him that story and then did my best to sell him on the fact that we HAD to be owners of a Big Green Egg. After an afternoon of reading and research we were back in the good graces of the charcoal gods.

Big Green Egg

What we didn’t know was how much we’d struggle with getting the darn thing to stay lit.

I started reading the Egg-Head forum and eventually got up enough nerve to write an “I’m a newbie, please help me” post. I was stunned by how many people came forward to offer their help, but one man in particular took me under his wing.

Big Green Egg

His name is CharWoody and he is my BBQ Best Friend (even if he doesn’t know it). He dedicated so much of his time to me and never seemed to mind my obnoxious emails and wacky questions every time I attempted to cook something new.

One time he mailed bricks to me. Bricks. Now, that’s friendship.

Bacon wrapped chicken thighs

C~W introduced me to Primo’s forum and all the people at Addicted to BBQ. I am so thankful to all of these guys and gals for their advice and encouragement. Thanks to them, we often spoil ourselves with some of the best tasting beef, pork, chicken and burgers we’ve ever eaten.

Thanks to them, I’ve taken over all outdoor cooking responsibilities.

Big Green Egg

And lucky for me, ceramic doesn’t rust and the daisy wheel is easily replaced.

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